Leaves Necklace
Leaves Necklace

Leaves Necklace

$ 300.00

The classic elegance of this onyx necklace is accented by the modern design of the oxidized sterling silver pendant with a delicate leaf impression. Original oxidized sterling silver clasp.

This necklace is part of a set: Leaves Ring and Earrings.

Each piece is 100% hand-crafted, unique and may vary slightly.

Oxidized Sterling Silver 925, Onyx, Onyx Matte.

Black Onyx is associated with self control, decision making, intuition and protection. It is widely believed that it can change your habits. Black onyx is regarded as a powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy which, according to ancient legend, accounts for the stone's dark color. In the Indian tradition it is said to help people forget about their past and bring them in tune with the present.

Necklace Length: 21 1/2 in

Pendant Diameter: 1 3/4 in

Onyx Diameter: 1/2 in

Onyx Matte Diameter: 1/4 in

Necklace Weight: 85 g

Designer: Nikolai Sardamov